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Meet Ellie

Certified Naturopath, Herbalist + Nutrition Expert. 

Ellie is a certified Naturopath, Herbalist,  and Nutritionist. Specialising in women's health, hormones + fertility  (PCOS, Endometriosis, menopause, acne)  gut health, pain, libido,  anxiety & depression, insomnia, auto-immune, fatigue, EBV, immune support, chemotherapy support and body nourishment. 

Ellie's journey to wholeness started over 10 years ago when she resigned from her corporate high stress mining job and started studying Herbalism and Naturopathy. after using natural medicine to help her through her own health struggles. 


Travelling across the world to work with herbal medicine in different cultures and studying Shamanism in Australia for the last 7 years has opened a wider perspective on Mind, Body + Spirit medicine. 

Ellie lives in Perth, Western Australia, however she is deeply connected to Western Australia having spent her early life in the regional town of Kalgoorlie.  

She is the Founder & Creator of Herb companies Lemuria Herb Co. and Mens Herb Co..

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All health conditions

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Womb + Hormone


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The Journey Towards Vitality Begins on the Path of Self Love, Self Discovery + Self Mastery. Begin Your Journey Today.

“After struggling with PCOS and hormones for years with no answers I am so glad I finally found Ellie. I have lost 8kg and have never felt better. I'm now ready to start trying for a baby. She has helped me reconnect to my whole body. "

- Tara Sinclair

“I used Ellie's tonics on site at work as couldn't sleep and I wasn't sure but but they actually work. I can sleep through the night again and not so worried about everything. ”

- Trevor Price

“I went to see Ellie for a energy healing. I've never been able to go so deep in breathwork before or felt so held. Ellie could see things from my childhood that I have never told anyone. She has helped me shift my whole life. The herbs she gave me after were amazing and fixed my gut problems.”

- Sarah Forrest