In many different cultures and older traditions a new mother is taken care of while she rests, heals and recovers following the birth of a child. Unfortunately, our fast paced world doesn't always allow for this anymore. The old saying that 'it takes a village to raise a child' is possibly another way of saying it is complex and should not be done alone. Childbirth can be an intense experience and often leaves women feeling sore, bruised and vulnerable. In pregnancy, reproductive hormone levels in a woman's body are 20-30 times greater than normal. At delivery, hormone levels drop abruptly, along with changes in amino acids, neurotransmitters, and thyroid hormones. The sudden drop in oestrogen, progesterone, endorphins, and other hormones may trigger fatigue, the same way moodiness may be triggered by premenstrual changes in these hormones. Many women feel exhausted after labor and delivery and may need a long time to fully recover. New mothers rarely get adequate rest. These teas have been designed to offer some love, nourishment and support on your journey and are to be sipped with your village.





A Naturopathic loose-leaf tea designed for breastfeeding mums to help support milk supply, lactation, colic and digestion. Breastfeeding encourages the postpartum rebalancing of hormones and a special bond between mum and Bub, however milk flow can vary dramatically for a multitude of different reasons and it is common for mum's to experience issues with breastfeeding. This tea is designed to gently support milk supply using Galactagogues herbs that may help to increase breastmilk supply.


Organic Ingredients: Moringa leaf, Fenugreek Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Cinnamon, Aniseed, Caraway, Goats Rue, Apple pieces


A Naturopathic loose-leaf tea designed just for you mama! This calming and relaxing blend is designed to support the post birth period which can be very stressful and involve a lot of sleepless nights. This Tea is designed to nourish and support your through the ups and downs. Take a moment to stop, relax and revive yourself. Heart soothing botanicals along with nourishing nervine herbs allow you some space to fill your own cup back up and take a few big deep breaths. This blend also supports sleep quality. Best sipped with feet up!


Organic Ingredients: Hibiscus, rosehip, chamomile, lavender, calendula, oats straw and red rose petals.



A Naturopathic loose-leaf tea is a warming, grounding, strengthening and nourishing tea designed to restore nutritional deficiencies while uplifting and soothing. The herbs contain highly bio-available natural forms of calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin C, iron and B Vitamins.


This blend will also support Milk supply and has anti-inflammatory qualities. The raspberry leaf and nettle will support uterine and pelvic floor muscle recovery post birth. This is a postpartum tea tonic to uplift and strengthen.


Organic Ingredients: Stinging nettle leaf, rooibos, raspberry leaf, lemon balm, ginger, apple pieces



Soothe away your worries and boost magnesium levels in your body by bathing in Epson salts. Infused with rose, lavender, calendula and chamomile to melt away your worries and inflammation.  Traditionally calendula has been used as a natural anti-septic to treat wounds and irritated tissue. Lavender promotes relaxation and is anti-inflammatory.


Organic Ingredients: Epson salts (magnesium sulphate), red rose petals, chamomile flowers, lavender buds, calendula flowers, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, Ylang ylang flower essential oil


Brewing Instructions: Add 1 cup to a warm bath and 1 teaspsoon of organic coconut oil and soak for 30 minutes. This can also be used as a postpartum Sitz bath. A postpartum Sitz bath is a special bath used in the early postpartum period to help ease the pain, promote healing and give good hygiene to the perineal area. This can be helpful is there was tearing during birth. A Sitz bath can also be done in a regular bath, kept in a jug to pour over vulva and perineum (let cool first) or you can create a shallow bath with a wide shallow bowl and sit in if you prefer.



A Naturopathic botanical rose infused oil designed especially for new mum’s. No essential oils or scents are used that could interfere with breastfeeding.  Oil massage has been shown to support oxytocin! Daily self-massage can help manage stress, accelerate recovery from child birth, reduce pain and build deeper self-love. Breast massage has been shown to support breastfeeding. Very light strokes may decrease swelling, inflammation and oedema in the breast tissue, working with the lymphatic system to increase circulation and even help with mastitis.


Organic Ingredients: Cold pressed sweet almond oil, Cold pressed Avocado oil, cold pressed jojoba oil, rose hip oil, red rose petals, rose water.


Manufactured in a clinic that also processes products containing fish, shellfish, eggs, soy, tree nuts, lupin and sesame. Sold by weight not volume. Packaged in Western Australia from Australian and imported products. 


Store out of direct sunlight below 30C.


  • 100% Natural 


    Made in Australia 

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